the police and their victims in australia

My husband and I find ourselves in a situation in South Australias South East - Long story short - husband was made reduntant with 90 other people from a timber mill in May 09. He had been quite unwell for many months (major depression) so this was quite upsetting for him.  They had given workers 1 weeks notice and with 2 mortgages, credit card and personal loan etc. and no savings to cover weekly outgoings, the stress piled up... Attempted to get centrelink payment but was screwed around for weeks, finally on 2nd june we had to go into centrelink again to start process all over again, and where told another 5 weeks before any payment.. My husband told them to forget claim, just sign insurance form so at least we won't loose the small house we have.. this they did not like - they told us to leave and then pushed a button, which was to call police.  My husband is a very quietly spoken, gentle man that has never in his entire life been in trouble or raised his voice in anger.   We left, went the 50 metres to our car, got in and within seconds the car was surrounded by police and they were screaming at him to get out, this was a terrifying few moments, he opened the door, was wrenched out and thrown to the ground and 3 police began to beawt him  - one punching him in the head, one kneeing him under his ribs and another with his knee in his back pulling his arms behind him,  I got out and yelled to get off him, cop no.4 then punched me to the ground, knee in my left shoulder and face in gravel.

Subsequently, we have both been charged with assault police, hindering police, assault centrelink staff and many other bullshxxxt charges.  I am 48 years old and suffer severe arthiristis, fibromyalgia and other debilitating symptons, so I do not move very fast nor do I have strength to even lift my own weight most days - My husband weight 60kg if that - now we are having to fight for our freedom in the courts in Mt Gambier where there is only 1 magistrqate and he always backs the police - regardless of the truth...  Centrelink video tape was given to police who will not hand over to our solicitors .. and the magistrate doesn't give a rats .... It is well know down here in the South East that he has the whole legel system under his control and loves to imprison people - This affair has been the most extreme that we have ever had to deal with and it has made my husband suicidal - now he has been put into the mental health system (completely against both our wishes) and is being forced to take evil antidepressant which are not helping at all.  We are  very anti drugs on all levels so this is difficult for us to do.  We have also been denied access to our religious and spiritual places - how can they do that?

People, please do not think the police are there to protect us - they are corporated employed and have only one purpose - to raise revenue for their Bosses whilst causing extreme fear in people,  giving them false authority over our existence.  We have had to borrow thousands of dollars to pay our debts ontop of being completely exhausted and brain drained by the whole affair.   Will this world be free of these tyranical units...I pray that soon the people of this world will see the truth behind all that is happening and come together to scream NO MORE!