Towers of Two Saints

The tower of Saint Kevin built beside the two Loughs

Is it more precious than some later rocks?

Built skyward of industry in a more populous vale

The towers of power with a different tale

Built for another God of an alternate race

Purely to perform at a much greater pace?



Saint Kevin's to nurture and protect all mankind

Those of Saint Patrick to pump and to wind

To rob the riches of the valley's earth

Whilst playing a part in creating its dearth

Both to remain to the present day

As symbols of what? Can one really say?



Life and death belong to all of these towers

Which of them directed by the cruellest powers?

Where was the profit in Kevin's domain?

Who did Avoca's metals sustain?

Where was the love and true affection?

Do the graves of Macadam show a true reflection?



These towers all play a part in Wicklow fame

The holy one to the memory, the others the same

One viewed by many, Ballymurtagh's by few

A sharing of feelings may be long overdue

All have the beauty of ancient toilings

Only Avoca is left with the tailings and spoilings



The memory of miners now long since gone

Their smiles and goodwill still lingers with some

But many forgotten lay beneath the ground

Where their living and ending was to be found

God bless all the martyrs of Avoca and Cronebane

Ballymurtagh and Tigrony I wish you the same