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Stoppress Irish Congress of Trade Unions 10 Point Plan details

A Letter to the President of Ireland on the proposed Referendum on NAMA - E.J.Sweeney LLB

NAMA or The Devil has Two Horns by Jocelyn Braddell

Will an Independent Enquiry into 9/11 Go Ahead?

Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission Oct 30th-31st 2009

Let Americans Fear a Declaration of Japanese Independence

Vaccine Adjuvants under Suspicion Germany, UK and USA

The Movement of Gold by Jim Willie CB."An acute lack of gold comprehension is evident on a global basis."

IMF Ponzi Scheme? Special Drawing Rights of Worthless paper now in use E.Brown

Money File,Hudson, Madoff and GoldmanSachs.

Notes on the Usury Paradigm by Tom White

Is it Now a Crime to be Poor by B Ehrenreich

History: George Jackson, Black Revolutionary

Modern Maritime History - The Ghost Fleets

Just Incase You Are Still Deluded: Oil Forever Baby!!

War Psychiatry : How Killing Becomes a Reflex

Palestine: A long page on the illegal crimes against Palestinians for the last three months

Gaza and the Goldstein Report

Interview with Judge Richard Goldstone

Interview with Hamas Leader by Ken Livingstone

Dastardly acts in Afghanistan

Former Iraq Officers Arrested in Raids Aided by Iran

Baghram - The Forgotten Guantanamo

Iran, More Lies, More Deception P C Roberts

Congo - Impunity of War Criminals ; Neo-Colonialism

EU Reports

Empire Europe - Intervention Wars on the Ready Steady Go ?

As the Lisbon Treaty is comes into force we shall need the Magna Carta

Lisbon and The Blair Dispute...

Lockerbie and Tom Dalyell MP's Accusation

Legal Case Indicted against 4 Presidents USA, 4 prime Ministers UK

Foreclosures are often in the Lenders best Interests by R Merle

Martin King Governer of Bank of England in spat with UK Government

"Yes" and Financial Ruin for Ireland but Fianna Fail grovel to Shell Oil

Avoca Miners Remembered

Paris: New Group Vers La Verité

East German's life was better under Communism

Agriculture Small Farmers subject to Environment Fantasy "Eat Less Meat" and Milk Price Scandal

Spain pushes for Intelligent Water Use.

Arts Miscellany

Books - Re. Film:CoLLapse - the book has been refused publication ; NChomsky, prelim.interview his new book

Gore Vidal's United States of Fury by Johann Hari

Autumn in Shanghai by Gilad Atzmon

The Decline of the English Dept.

Journalism : No more Excuses

Pilots on Food Stamps by Michael Moore

Investopedia, Forbes Website by Danny Schechter

Ignobel - by Ian Reed

Obama's Congress

Obama's Speech to the NAACP

Slavery and Discrimination: More than Attitude by John Burl Smith

Youtube - They Do Not Care About Us - Michael Jackson

J-Street or AIPAC - Israel's Lobby of Power?

What if the Russians did this to us? David Greene

American HealthCare a Killer - But as it Could Be? byD.Goldhill

John Wilson Continues to Challenge the Law Courts for Jury Trials

The Police and their Victims - Australia

Australia's Uranium Mines

The Large Hadron Collider is shaping up to go for the Big Bang in November?

Ace Hoffman USA Nuclear Expert Forwards letters to Handstand ; De Spiegel Investigates.

Environment Challenges

Gene Map of HIV decoded

The Great Himalayan Watershed by K Pomeranz

Why Civilisations Collapse - ISIS Report

Community Cooker Turns Rags to Riches - ISIS REPORT