This year marks 100 years
since Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen died in Oslo.

Queen Sonja contributed to the weekend of special events honoring Ibsen by hosting a reception at the Royal Palace in Oslo. Here, she welcomes Tancred and Ellinor Ibsen. Tancred Ibsen, a retired diplomat, is Henrik Ibsen's great-grandson.

A star-studded group of women who have played key parts in Ibsen plays gathered in Oslo this weekend to help kick off a year of special events honoring Norway's literary giant.

All of these actresses were honored for their interpretations of Henrik Ibsen's characters over the years. From left: Saoli Mitra, Liv Ullmann, Wenche Foss, Lise Fjeldstad, Queen Sonja, Ghita Nørby, Glenda Jackson, Claire Bloom, Bibi Andersson and Angela Winkler.

Henrik Ibsen's descendants were also invited to tour Ibsen's former home, which is in the process of being restored. From left: Henrik Ibsen's great-great granddaughter Hedda Ibsen, her mother Ellinor Ibsen, her brother-in-law Jarle Bjørklund, her father and Henrik Ibsen's great grandson Tancred Ibsen Jr, another great grandson Joen Bille, his son Peder Bille and daughter Beate Bille and Joen Bille's wife Bente Scavenius.