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July 13th, Australian News Correspondent Ed O'Loughlin Proves Israeli captured were in Lebanon

LEBANON : UPDATES + Ha'aretz Reporters and L King Iranie


Ziophobia - by John Kaminski

Civilians bear Fear,Death,Grief AND PHOSPHOROUS BOMBS by Kathy Gannon

Condoleeza Rice Giving Birth to a Monster by L Knight-Jadczyk

UPDATED xymphora blogspot comment excerpts,where there is consoidered response that accounts for much of our knowledge and conscience

(NEW) 2=500,000 by Gilad Atzmon + MidEast War Crimes? Paul Reynolds

(NEW) Gilad Atzmon writes "Since 1973 Israel's Power of deterrence is shrinking", also 'Never Again' an essay on Circumcision +(news updates on this page)

(NEW) Noam Chomsky video - The Murder of a Nation

GAZA Emergency (Includes new letters from people in Gaza+UPDATES)

STOPPRESS : Important data on Gaza and Lebanon ongoing conflicts

A Letter to the Conscience of the Internet World that has just arrived in my Mailbox

(NEW)Noam Chomsky interviewed on Democracy Now, July 14th

UpdatedArticles by Robert FiskBeirut Waits, + Marwhaheen Massacre ,

THIS WEEK - JULY 11-12-13, Roland Denis, a former Minister of the Hugo Chavez government in Venezuela, will be speaking at three locations in Ireland.

(NEW) Britain's Nuclear Plants - unexplained cracks in reactor cores, documents revealed

(NEW) Evidently incontrovertible Zionist connections to 9/11 Tragedies: The Real Conspiracy + If the FBI can do it - Who else can do it ?? + Yet Anothe Theory by the Editor,Jocelyn Braddell

Dr. Peter Kavanagh ,March 19,1916 – January 27, 2006, J.Braddell

UPDATED : European News from France,UK and Ireland

Mid-Year Analysis of European Union issued by Professor Anthony Coughlan

HENRIK IBSEN, Centennial Celebrations in Norway

(NEW)US Navy in Sonar Ban, Court Judgement on account of possible damage to Whales,BBCWorldNews + Amphibian Wipe-out feared

Sciences: Hey! Am I invisible? Military Applications feared. + New Research Proves Fluoride Dangers - Demand that it is removed from our Water !

Neil Young: Let's Impeach the President

Mumia Abu-Jamal - Just in the Name of "Democracy"

(NEW)The Consistent and Fraudulent use of the Word Terrorism, Arik Diamant

Interview With Suheir Hammad, Palestinian Poet

High Court orders good propaganda but ignored by Israeli Occupation Forces

We are nothing but Palestine

Israeli News

Paul Larudee, Piano Tuner and other matters re. Israeli Work Permits, GCora Frazer

Lebanon: Mossad assassin confesses

Letters and documents from Iraqi citizens

Tehran's Secret Helper, by Joshka Fisher

Bloodbath Beyond the Green Zone, Unreported Iraq, by Patrick Cockburn

Fear, Distrust, "Insurgency" in Papua - there the World's Biggest Goldmine....

Environment Issues The Oceans ; The Medditerranean Basin, Water ; China, Open-cast Mining and fires burn

China's Investment in South Africa, President Mbeki + High-Tech Military Disaster

Where Rice Can be Used to Save Lives, M,Maavak

Mauritania - the transitional period, M el Ameen Abah

Hawaiian Marine Reserve to be World's Largest

John Bolton taunted and jeered by students at an Oxford Seminar,M.Carmichael

Book Review: M C Piper's The New Jerusalem by Victor Thorn; + Your Blog a Book?

Journalists Killed, Arrested and Harrassed Recently, Tragic Days.

“The New World is Possible”, pub. 2005 by Dunja and Ljubodrag Simonovic, Belgrade (Introduction)

Arts in July: Nat.Concert Hall ; Irish Mus.Modern Art,Kilmainham ; Beaconsfield London; (and News added)

(NEW)Life again. Light again. Leaf again. Love again. Garrett Phelan was at Mother's TankStation in June

The State of Taste, by Patrick Pye

Professor Yehoshua and Amir Or, talk and reading in Dublin reviewed, Jocelyn Braddell.

Peretz Must Justify His Position by Ofer Shelah

Music on Wheels, Ictus a Contemporary Music Ensemble in Palestine; A June 1st Gig with Gilad Atzmon Vortex Club

Fibre-culture News: Hard Copy forum on writing publishing and archiving IT + website for students arriving Australian Universities

Old Age

Money: Cheney Fury + Gold Is Cheap...?

Doremus: All about oil Resources for the Musician... The Muse and Whirled Retort,C.Chandler + Iraq Vets Speak Out

Eye Witness Report from Harlem; + "I am Not Going Down for This, by Crystal Cartierx + Kalonji J Changa interviews Cynthia McKinney + Louis Armstrong International Airport, Richard Carlson

Graffiti Ban in New York City

ISIS Sciences and Environment : Cell Phones and 2 Essays on Fuel Resources in Farm Management

Word of God: The Anglican Church disintegrating before our eyes...


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