JULY 2007


                                                The build up continues!
                                      We build for the world and for peace

                            Invitation to the second Crafts People Time 2007
                                                  June 4th – July 15th

It is summer and we go on. As to use the time in Tamera properly and joyfully, the students need rooms for seminars and to study as well as a library. Therefore we need support and invite you for a crafts people time. This is also a good opportunity to get an insight in the project "Monte Cerro - peace education”.

In the coming building phase, directed by Christoph Ulbig and Janos Valder, we will set up a wooden frame building (approx. 200mē). We will turn the big tent hall into a place that meets our needs and beside that we are going to continue working on the campus infrastructure.
We are searching for carpenters, bricklayers, fettlers, plumbers and all other crafts profession, as well as skilled helpers and vegan cooks for our kitchen.

Besides working we will have time to get to know each other and to speak about the curriculum of the training for peace workers, our peace research work, and the basic ideas of Tamera. We want to develop a network of dynamic crafts people. To learn from each other about building communally and to find a common perspective for our craftsman abilities.
Our intention is to build a network of dynamic crafts people and constuction experts, on the one hand side for learning communitarian building and on the other hand for finding common perspectives for our crafts skills.

For our guests we offer free board and lodging.
We look forward to the exchange with you and to the common work.

Information and registration: or Tel.: +351 283 635306

Warmly welcome!
Christoph Ulbig and Janos Valder

The construction team of Tamera

Further crafts people time in this year : 09th Sept. – 11th November
Healing Biotope I Tamera, Monte do Cerro, 7630 Colos, Portugal,
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       Crafts People Time in Tamera