The year 2001 will be remembered by many for the events of 11 September, which dominated the international political agenda and posed new challenges to the human rights community. Yet, as this Amnesty International Report shows, there were countless other human tragedies during the year.

Amnesty International responded to the 11 September attacks in the USA by condemning them unreservedly and by calling for those responsible to be brought to justice in accordance with international law. Its members worked steadfastly to counter a racist backlash against people identified as Muslim or Middle Eastern. When governments introduced draconian security and immigration legislation, Amnesty International campaigned to ensure respect for fundamental human rights. The movement also called for strict adherence to the rules of war during the US-led military campaign in Afghanistan. Amnesty International's message throughout was "Justice, not revenge".

Human rights abuses in 152 countries and territories around the world are documented in this report, which describes the repression and violence which blighted the lives of millions of people throughout 2001. Some faced new threats from those seeking to gain military advantage or maintain political power. Others were still suffering the effects of genocide and other atrocities committed in the past. Many were denied protection from abuses based on discrimination on grounds of race, gender or sexual orientation. Millions were forced to seek safety in other countries, but faced growing obstacles and hostility.

This report shows not only the failures of human rights protection but also the indomitable courage and determination of human rights activists whatever the challenges they face – and the vital role they play in a world beset by poverty, war and repression

In remembering those who tragically lost parents, relatives, friends and beloved husbands and wives, the members of this journal, The Handstand, would like also to remember the independent internet networks who have worked on behalf of the bereaved to accelerate their care, which responsibility has been so tardily accepted by the American Government. Also their constant investigations into not only why an official enquiry has never been undertaken into this crime; searching out authorities who could guide a better understanding of the colossal damage done to these buildings; the attention they have drawn to the extraordinary loss of citizen respect paid to Muslim's all over America often resulting in their arrest and brutal arraingment; and the strange public admission, without obtaining public calumny of the individuals concerned, that there were those who made enormous financial gains in short selling and buying on the stockmarkets that occurred in tandem with this crime. Again for the workers and firemen within the Twin Towers, there remains after one year so many unanswered and crucial questions it beggars belief that without personal investigations undertaken by journalists and lawyers representatives that any government representatives will ever press for George W. Bush or any subsequent resident of the White House to account for the "accidental" neglect by the US Airforce of laws that ensure that Air Transport misdemeanours are prevented, or such interference as the explosion in mid-air of the aeroplane over Pennsylvania of which there was introconvertible evidence. The industrial conversion of the Towers steel for re-use before any investigation was undertaken to understand how the first plane, only partially lodged with in the Tower, had caused its downfall is another puzzle; and the complete lack of any evidence given to the public for approbation of the blackbox records, the question of names missing from flight records etc. have cast such doubt in thousands of minds that, in turn, must unfortunately cause much extra pain and distress to the relatives of the dead.
j.braddell, editor.

Dear Friends of Rapprochement and ISM,
We would like to bring your attention that Mr. Ghassan Andoni, the founder
and the executive director of Rapprochement and one of the founders and of
the Palestinian leaders of the International Solidarity movement (ISM) will
be in the United States between Sept 7th and Sept. 25. The main purpose of
this visit is to attned and give a presentation in the UN conference in NY
(Sep 22- sep 24).
Mr. Andoni is interested in meeting with ISM groups and committees in the
united states. He is as well available for meetings, presntations, and fund
raising opportunities.
if you are interested please write to us at or at

Canadian Events in September
Norman Finkelstein September 12, 2002 - 6:00 PM
Concordia University Hall Building Rm H110
Lecture sponsored by Concordia Student Union
Come early as it will be standing room only. If you have never heard Dr.
Finkelstein speak you MUST hear him. The zionists wish he would shut up
Svend Robison will be speaking and will be honoured by PAJU on
September 13 at the Montreal Artothèque , at 19h30,
.. Contribution is 20$. Number of tickets is limited ( 200) already more than
150 are gone. So hurry and reserve your ticket.
The exact address is 5720 St-Andre , Montréal (Metro station Rosemont)

PAJU and SPHR are sponsoring Dr. Ismael Zayid confernces and teach-in
and the speaking to the Rally in Ottawa. He will speak on the subject of
ethnic cleansing on September 26 and will hold a workshop on the 27 of
September. Will go to Ottawa and speak at the Rally. Time and room for the
conference and the teach in to be announced soon.
Here's the link to the info on the Ottawa rally to remember Sabra and Shatila
and other objectives . For more details on the organization, buses and other
information click the link: