"These are the times where it is only right to prove that you care for you community. What is more worth saving it our community than our children?  Our children need to have a place to further their awareness and consciousness of respect, discipline, and most of all themselves. And the Harlem Karate has been that place for many, many years", says Dr. Ernest Hyman, President and Owner of the Harlem Karate Institute in a heartfelt plea and letter, a cry for help concerning the recent events that have led up to the possible eviction of the institution from their place of operation. On August 31st, the Harlem Karate Institute will be forced to leave their home of  over 30 years due to high rents and gentrification. This is a great shock to the Harlem Karate Institute, which has been self-operated and self-funded from their very beginning.  It is also a shock to the surrounding community.  Especially since The Harlem Karate Institute has been a safe haven from drugs, alcohol, and many other unsafe and unstable environments for thousands of inner city Black and Latino youth in the Harlem community.

"No is not an option, and can't is not an excuse", he often says to the young Black and Latino males who see Dr. Hyman as a father figure and role-model, in the absence of fathers in their own homes. 

Household names like Doug E. Fresh, DJ Red Alert, AfricaBambaataa, The Wu Tang Clan, and Rex in Effect have all been taught under the positive lifestyle methods of Dr. Hyman and The Harlem Karate Institute. 

For over thirty years, the Harlem Karate Institute has serviced the youth in the Harlemcommunity, taking them off the streets, and away from drugs. "The Harlem Karate Institute firmly believes in creating, maintaining and providing family based programs that are multicultural and intergenerational", says Dr. Hyman. A major focus within the institute is working with those young people who are considered to be at-risk youth.  Dr. Hyman has worked with all different populations of people, including the handicapped. 

The institute stands firmly on the belief that at risk youth does not always fit into one single category. The Harlem Karate Institute has been able to successfully help young people who have behavioral problems that range from rebellion and aggressive behavior to youth that suffer from sleeping and eating disorders as well aspeer pressure.

In the event that the Harlem Karate Institute cannot remain in their current location, they have found a building, however it will cost them a downpayment of $400,000 just to move into their new home. They are desperately seeking donations to help them raise monies as time is running out. 

To make donations or for more information about Dr. Hyman, and the Harlem Karate Institute, please visit their website at, call them at  212-410-1658, or Contact publicist,  Debra Dixon of Light of Gold PR at, Visit or call (646) 278-5658/(917) 385-1079.

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