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(NEW) The Devious Explanations re. Six Nuclear Bombs in America - Free World Survey

(NEW)The dead Lie in Familiar Shapes , Qana-Derry, By Eamon McCann

Tara Valley,Rath Lugh ARREST OF PROTESTER + Gov. refuse to reveal 20 pg EU charges re. Tara ; Harpers will go Dail, date info

Tara Valley Tycoons Poised to make a Fortune

Tara Watch:Minister John Gormley disports himself as a Gentleman and Courtier to the Little Fellow

(NEW)Dublin Ireland. D Ray Griffin's Lecture scheduled Sugar Club Sept. 11th Cancelled. Alternative Video lecture here.

(NEW)Review: Poet Dave Lordan's, The Boy In The Ring, Salmon Poetry. By J.Braddell

Troubles in Hedgefundistan - Its going to get a lot worse, by Mike Witney + update

Univ. of Conneticut, Dori Smith interviews PROF.FRANCIS BOYLE - Indications for War (Iran)

Convicting Jose Padilla - this Legal Crime a Warning....D.Lindorff

Leo Strauss, the Philosopher Falsly Accused as Forebear of the Neo-Cons - J Englander

(NEW) Climbing Jacob's Ladder One Rung at a Time - M.Abraham(Finkelstein's Legacy at DePaul)

The Great Middle East Peace process Scam - Henry Siegman

(NEW)Iraq Report: Minister of the Interior Bayan Jabr and the Badr Shias from Iran by Deborah Davies

Hollow Land ; Israel's Architecture of Occupation by Eyal Weizman (Israel's Dissident Architect.)

Gilad Atzmon Reviews Israeli publication "Captives in Lebanon"O.Shelah and Y.Limor

John Pilger on "the Great Moral Issue of our Age"; Poem by R Chemayel

You, Too, Can and Should Be an "Intelligence Analyst" - Arthur Silber

National Gallery September Press Release; Dúch Yesenin / Yesenin’s Ink is the title of the current exhibition of new work by Seán Ó Flaithearta at the Wexford Arts Centre. Kilkenny Arts Links, Register Now!; Sept.-Nov.Thomastown, Kilkenny interesting Workshops and Courses Kozo Gallery

(NEW)Beaconsfield Art Events, London

European News

Journal of Music in Ireland - Gig Guide

Dr John Gofman Dies, Low Level Radiation Analyst, by Ace Hoffman

Save the Harlem Karate Institute - 3O yrs work with youth on family based programmes to be destroyed by "gentrification"?

Palestine where Israeli Violence is Unabated.

(NEW)Iran - Rafsanjani wins important election - promoting new options.

Israel Sleight of Hand as Usual; Land Grab; Women Prisoners ; Israel Gov.Wages War on Refusnicks(Conscientious Objectors)

Turkey - Zionist interests Accelerate by Adib Kawar ; Defending Foxman ,or Cool it Armenians! by Israel Shamir

Russia, Arrests re. Journalist Anna Politkovskaya's Murder.+ update

Max Roach Dies - the Close of an Era . Obits.

Paul Hawkins interviews Frank Rynne on the world’s oldest Rock’ n’ Roll band : The Master Musicians of Joujouka

Books, Philip K Dick by Adam Gopnik; George Tenet's Memoirs Settles Scores with Neo-Cons.

Journalists; Imad Ghanem; Mike James

New Information of E-Magazine from Fibre Culture moderator Geert Lovink

Poet B.F.Warren - The House of the Condemned

ENVIRONMENT CHECK - Jakarta, Hold your Nose! by Andre Vltchek

Engineering Errors, Wind Power Accidents - from Der Spiegel

The Soldiers who Return from Iraq, by Chris Hedges

Agents Provocateurs - Canada

Doremus Observes Matters of Interest.(NEW) Anti-War Demonstration info.)

Teenage Hacker targets Apple iphone.

Money; Chinese Ideas...A bird in the hand is worth two in the Bush. - The "Amero" coin The great Financial Crisis - or Who has got a Turd in his Briefcase? J Petras

HISTORY: Declassified British documents - Abduction of German Scientists after WW2